What To Expect When Building Your Custom Swimming Pool

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Our goal when building your custom swimming pool is customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves on our customer service and communication to achieve that goal. During the pool build process you will receive communication about the next phase in your build and what progress has been made in the process. Below is a standard pool build process. You may have more phases depending on the design of your pool. We are available for any questions you may have about the process.


We love this part! You and our designer will work together to design your dream pool. After describing your vision for you’re the pool and backyard our designer will start to make it come to life with our 3d design software. Once completed you will be able to see a rendering of what your backyard could look like once your project is completed. Check out some of our projects to get inspired.


This is the first step in building your pool! Layout is typically done the day before excavation and most pool layouts only take a couple of hours. Our Project Manager will be there to answer any questions you may have as you start to visualize what your backyard is going to look like.


Excavation of your pool will be completed in a day in most cases. This is dependent of pool size and ground conditions. Dirt will be removed based on the specifications discussed by you and your Project Manager.


This is the phase in your build where we put the skeleton of your pool together. This will give your pool all the reinforcement needed to ensure the strength and integrity of the build process moving forward.


Plumbing is done following steel installation. This includes the installation of all main drains, skimmers, light niches, return line and spas. Plumbing for each pool is designed specifically for that pool. This is our way of ensuring your pool hydraulics will not only have the best circulation and filtration but it will be easy to maintain and stay sparkling and clear.


By this phase of the build, electrical conduits for the pool lights and equipment power will be run. This includes the breaker box at the location of the pool equipment being installed and ready for the equipment to be set. Gas lines to the pool heater or heaters will be run to the equipment location.


At this phase your pool is ready to get its strength. Your pools steel frame will now get covered with gunite to form the walls and floor. Gunite consist of a mixture of sand and cement that is applied through a hose with highly pressurized air to achieve a compressive strength of 4000 psi.

Tile & Coping

During this phase be ready to make some big decisions on the look of your future pool. We have hundreds of tile selections to choose from and both your Project Manager and Designer will be there to answer any questions and help in the selection process.


It’s almost time to swim! This is another phase where you get to make some fun decisions on the look of your pool. There are tons of decking options to choose from and again both your Designer and Project Manager will be there to help in your selection process.

Equipment Set

A plumber along with your Project Manager will be on-site and plumb in all of the filtration equipment for the pool this will include water feature pumps and other optional equipment.


This is your final stage of construction. Your pool interior will be installed with your choice of materials, from a basic finish or you can select one of the many finishes we offer. Different finishes can change the overall appearance of the backyard area so consult with your Project Manager on the best option for your pool. When the interior is finished, we begin filling the pool with water.


Once your pool is officially full our Project Manager will assist in the programming all equipment. Then a service tech will start the “start up process”. This will include checking the installation and starting all pool and/or spa equipment. Once the equipment has been started up and the pool is fully operational, this takes about three weeks, the service tech will show you all maintenance operations for the pool. This includes everything you will need to know about routine maintenance and some troubleshooting tips.


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